Open Life goes 12mode

Open Life goes 12mode

No services on our 6th year birthday to watch the big Wild Card Hawks game! We are surely 12’s around here.

Open Life launched on 01.10.10, happy 6th!  Crazy how time flies and how culture has been discovered and solidified over the course of these years.  One of our traditions has been to be right in the center of culture, to celebrate the wins and do life with one another as we share Jesus love.  USATSI_7562305_149008768_lowres

As a result of this we have found ourselves taking the the time to catch a Seahawks game now and then.  In fact before the church began, when we were just 30 people in Thad & Dana Huff’s home we did an invite event where we watched the Seahawks play.  We are celebrating fittingly this Sunday as our Hawks have once again made the playoffs and this time they are having to play at 10am because they are out of town in the 6 degree weather in Minnesota!  If they win this game they will have another 10am game the following week in Panther land.

Our staff has been weighing what to do during these two weeks and we have once again concluded that we should take this Sunday off and encourage you to come out to one of our locations which we will post HERE  by the end of day on Wednesday.  And the next week we just might party it up again, but are contemplating maybe an evening service on the 17th.  Nothing locked in yet for that day, but just tossing it out there.

For those of you who are new this might just sound like the craziest thing you have ever heard, here are some cool things to consider about a church willing to do something crazy like provide an alternative on a playoff game day.

  1. Present with community – we mean what we say, we value being present and doing life with one another and your friends will be more excited to watch the game with you than have you tell them your church said you have to DVR the big game.
  2. Stewardship – every venue we rent costs $500 or more per Sunday.  Whenever there is something happening in the community that results in a very calculated risk that we will have less than 50% of our regular attendance present at our campuses it’s wisdom and good stewardship to consider alternatives to that rental.  By having some of our families open up their homes to host a viewing party we will build relationships with each other while saving over $1,000 allowing us to invest that back int he mission of the church in our communities.
  3. Relationships – there is no better way to build family and togetherness like going to a party with each other.  Let’s hang out and get to know each other.  Church is a family and when two or more of us gather Jesus is there.  It teaches that in the Bible so let’s come together and grow in relationship with one another.  This may be a great week or these may be great weeks to meet some people you would want to join a group with.  Use the time to get to know one another.
  4. Opportunity – one of the greatest things about being at the church that cancelled their services to allow you to go to the party watching the game is the conversation it will open up for each of you.  When people say, “I thought you would have to be at church,” you can answer, “My church is the best! They wanted us to have space in our life to hang out with those that matter most and encourage friendship and fun!”  Use the opportunity this presents to be present in the lives of those who might be shocked you showed.
  5. Gathering – we still understand and value that the Bible teaches we should not forsake the gathering together.  Church matters and Jesus is up to something amazing through our services, so we do want to not take two weeks off in a row without providing a moment to come and worship and seek the Lord together so this is why we are making plans for the 17th.  We love services and know God does too, so keep watch because we are making some cool plans to not lose all of you non-football fans out there in the scuffle of playoff mania.

We love life, we love doing it with each other and the community and we celebrate 6 great years.  Now…GO HAWKS!

Again…here is the link with a video and locations…and yes we are doing a giveaway…so watch the video and fill out a connect card this Sunday!


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