Our first Open Life 201

Our first Open Life 201

You do not want to miss Open Life 201!

We are doing something new at the same time we do Open Life 101 on October 9th at 3pm, Open Life 201.  This is the next step beyond 101, where we help you personally engage with the Jesus mission of your life within the community.  Find out how you can grow in the areas of connecting, serving and sharing life with God and each other.  We will help you find practical ways of living out your divine calling in  your work place, school, neighborhood and family.Open Life 201

It’s not as hard as you think this growth with Jesus thing.  You can simply assess on a scale of 1-10 how you feel you are doing in the 6 areas of Connecting with God, Connecting with Each Other, Serving God, Serving Each Other, Sharing with God and Sharing with Each Other.  Let’s say you are at a 3 in Connecting with God…you simply need to look at the opportunities afforded  you to make that a 4 in the next 3 months.  That might be going from just attending on Sundays to reading your bible daily, or joining a Group.  We will help you with practical ideas like this to help you see your faith growing more as a step at a time vs an intimidating mountain climb.

Understanding the language and culture

Another thing we will unpack as we go is our “lexicon”.   There are many things we way that either need definition or need you to understand what we are saying compared to some other environments.  For instance, we don’t ask you to get “born again” here at Open Life, we encourage you to “choose to follow Jesus”.  Both mean the same thing, but make sense to different people.  We have decided to make sense to people who have no church background so we word things accordingly and want to help you do the same so you can lead people well in the same culture, with the same heart and passion behind it.

Sign up now for the October 9th 201 by clicking HERE.


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