28 Days of Prayer

28 Days of Prayer

You are invited into a season of prayer

As we enter into a new series at Open Life called “Shameless Audacity” from Luke 11:1-13 we want to provide a construct to put into action the challenge we are sensing from God. We want to pray with and for you, we want to pray for our church, we want to pray for your community and we want to pray for the world. Will you join us for this special season of prayer. As we shared in our annual vision talk last week we feel the call to prayer like never before. Let’s dive into this vision and see God move through us in spectacular ways this year.

Here are some daily prayer focuses.  How will you pray with shameless audacity for the days ahead? Take it one day at a time and watch this habit of prayer open up life to the full like never before within your life.

Your Daily Prayer Plan

FEB 1 – Life (health/healing, blessing, joy)
FEB 2 – Faith
FEB 3 – Love
FEB 4 – Peace
FEB 5 – Family
FEB 6 – Provision
FEB 7 – Calling

FEB 8 – Workers (Staff & Volunteers | Pioneers)
FEB 9 – Spaces (Sunday & Ministry Hub)
FEB 10 – Our Reach (Neighbors/The 120,000)
FEB 11 – New Followers of Jesus
FEB 12 – Awakening (Fresh Faith)
FEB 13 – Revival (Outpouring of the Holy Spirit)
FEB 14 – Next Steps of the Faith (The 552)

FEB 15 – Bonney Lake (Lake Tapps/Tehaleh/Prairie Ridge)
FEB 16 – Buckley
FEB 17 – Sumner
FEB 18 – Enumclaw
FEB 19 – The 162 (Orting/South Prairie)
FEB 20 – The 165 (Burnett/Wilkeson/Carbonado)
FEB 21 – Online (all the communities we are reaching beyond our local region)

FEB 22 – Gospel (to the ends of the earth)
FEB 23 – Missionaries (unreached demographics)
FEB 24 – Injustice (Trafficking, Slavery, Child Marriages)
FEB 25 – Hunger (Both food and water for the millions insecure)
FEB 26 – Orphans/Foster Care (those who need families)
FEB 27 – Relief (those facing famine, war, disaster)
FEB 28 – Education (equity for children globally to learn)



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