Back To School Sunday 2017

Back To School Sunday 2017

We are so excited for Back to School Sunday 2017

Every year at the beginning of the school year Open Life loves to honor those of you who dedicate your life and skills to investing into students.  We will share a talk called “Your Job Matters” and encourage you to lead strong this 2017/2018 year.  We have a gift for all the teachers, administrators, coaches, support staff and all who work in education on September 10th.  Back To School Day

It’s one of those don’t miss Sundays if you are one who works in education. Start this year with a boost of encouragement, love and some words to cling to when the road gets tough.

You are the heroes

We want to fan into flame the vision and passion of our local schools to see 100% of the students turn the tassel, and that no student be left behind, but discover their full potential to make a difference on this planet. We think you educators are the heroes that will shape this reality…and we want to support you at every turn.

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