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Elevate your life and the lives of each other as we read through the scriptures together.

You might be wondering why you should jump into reading scripture with Open Life. Maybe you’ve never read the bible consistently before or maybe you already have a dedicated plan and schedule. We want to read together to help us begin to create a common language that focuses on scripture. We believe that the overall culture of Open Life will benefit deeply if we are all dedicated to scripture and part of that is being dedicated to the same passages throughout the year. You’ll find that the Open Life reading plan will only be about a chapter a day, so don’t be intimidated if you’re just jumping in and it shouldn’t be too difficult to add for those who already have a bible reading plan they’re following. We hope you will read it with us.

Here is a quick explanation of the plans we will be using and a simple process to use when you read each day.

The Open Life Bible reading plan is provided by BibleProject through the YouVersion Bible app (NOTE: Your Bible app reading and plans can be accessed at as well). To look at the plan without any subscription or login process, just go to the Open Life Church app and click the Bible icon at the bottom right. There you can simply read the passage each day. Here are links to the plans if you’d prefer to keep track of your progress through the YouVersion Bible App.

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2021 - BibleProject | New Testament In One Year

Join in whenever you can as we read through the New Testament together 

BibleProject Supplemental Videos:

BibleProject creates videos explaining each book of the Bible along with themes and other helpful supplements to help you read scripture with more understanding. Their videos are really incredible.

This YouTube Playlist has videos that coincide with the OL Bible Reading Plan in order. For October 2020 – December 2020, we are walking through Luke, Acts, and Proverbs.

If you are following along through YouVersion then you will already see these videos on the corresponding days.

SOAP Method of Reading