Church Community Builder

Church Community Builder
Why did I just get an email from something called Church Community Builder? Because we care!

What is Church Community Builder?Church_Community_Builder_Secondary_Logo_White_print

Open Life has been growing by 40% since the Spring and this is not counting the addition of Open Life Sumner into the numbers.  As a staff we have been asking ourselves how we can care for those Jesus is entrusting to Open Life more effectively.  One of the main questions is always, “how do we keep people from falling through the cracks?”  The heart of the challenge is in Proverbs 27:23 (NLT) challenges us to “Know the state of your flocks, and put your heart into caring for your herds”!  So what are we doing and what can you do to help in us fulfilling this desire to care for you more faithfully?

What are we doing?

So we researched until we found a program that can keep our database up to pace, and allow us to facilitate care without letting people remain unconnected or become disconnected.  Behind the scenes we are developing processes within the system we found that will help us follow up with guests better, connect you to places of serving that fit your gifts best and help you know what upcoming events are around the corner and all from one central system called Church Community Builder or CCB for short.

From your perspective you will think it’s just another page on the website or within the app, but it is actually being powered from CCB.  So mostly you wont realize something is generated from CCB, but you will notice it in the area of communications from Open Life on email or in the future text if you desire.

Whenever we generate an email from the system the laws require you to know it’s coming from a database system, so you will see that silly little gray portion at the base that indicates where this came from and opportunities to change your permissions.  You also might see that a specific person emailed you, but the from address is  Don’t worry it’s not a robot and our culture at Open Life of being genuine made us super quick to tell you about this so that you don’t get confused.

You will also begin to see more and more from CCB the more involved you get with leadership.  Maybe you join a group, lead something or begin leading a service opportunity in the community you want to make known.  You will be assigned roles and permissions that begin generating communication and reminders for you to assist in your new adventure of caring for  your flocks and herds as well.  We will train you how to use it and why it’s so important, next thing you know the world of Open Life will be a better place because of it.

What can you do to help?

FILL OUT YOUR CONNECT CARD DIGITALLY OR PHYSICALLY: We can follow up with you if you are present and share prayer requests, but we can also realize you need us to reach out if you have not filled out a card for a number of weeks.  Again, we don’t want anyone to fall through the cracks and when you are gone for 3 consecutive weeks we might want to reach out, but this only is possible if you fill out the card when you are present.

CONTINUE TO BE FAITHFUL IN YOUR GENEROSITY: This kind of a powerful system is only made possible because of your continued generosity as it comes with a price tag to have such intuitive data management software.  Every month at Open Life 34% of everything you give goes to pay for our Operational Costs.  This includes facility rentals, upkeep of equipment, systems costs like CCB and our serve team scheduling system called Planning Center, as well as our App and more.  Your increased generosity allows this percentage to become smaller and smaller as we grow larger and larger allowing us to continue to pour more and more finances into impacting our community.

So give generously and complete your connect card with a prayer request, comment or check a box and watch the interaction that is generated from our team that comes through this new tool.  You will be blessed.


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