Changes are Coming in 2017

Changes are Coming in 2017
Open Life has been amazingly blessed by all of those who have given in 2016.  We have been able to provide school supplies, support missionaries across the globe, provide thousands of people food for the holidays and gifts as well. These are just the beginning of the impact your generosity has made and the year is just about over.
Through your generosity, we have been able to stay on budget in 2016 and dream even bigger dreams for 2017.  Your consistent and sacrificial giving makes more of an impact on the mission of God through Open Life for this community than you can realize.  Thank you!!
I say that to say two things.
  1. For any additional giving to qualify for 2016 deductions it would need to be given by 9 pm, December 31st.  This is a great time to make sure your giving is up to date and pray about what you will do for the mission of Open Life this coming year.  Give HERE now if you have some end of year giving to maximize your deductions or just finish the year strong.
  2. HERE IS THE EXCITING NEWS: We are changing giving systems for 2017.  Seems like every week we read about another data breach or another country is being blamed for a data hack.  Planning Center provides two-step verification for both digital giving and text giving. The text giving speeds up your giving experience exponentially over the PushPay app system we are using now.  This will also help with lowering our monthly cost substantially each month and simplify our administrative volunteer workload in so many ways we could not list them all here.  We are moving away from PushPay to Planning Center Giving starting January 1st.  What does this mean for you?
    1. For those of you with recurring giving; please set up your recurring giving in the Planning Center Giving system after the 1st.  Your reoccurring giving will be paused on the PushPay system starting on the 1st, so scheduled giving will not go through as usual. You may receive a notification when this takes place, or you can login to PushPay and pause your giving personally if you desire.
    2. For those of you who have a saved link on your phone or computer to give, please change that link after the 1st by logging onto the website and clicking on the giving link or by selecting the giving link in the Open Life Church App.  We are purposefully not sharing the link in this email so you don’t accidentally give within the wrong system before the beginning of the year.
    3. Just keep doing what you are doing! If you normally give through the App or by going to then you will just follow the same process you do now, it will only look different when you click the link to Give Now.
We realize this a bit of an inconvenience for you, but believe me, your security is worth it and so is the added value for the church to have our giving system integrated with some of the other tools we use for the administrative functionality of the church.  We appreciate you taking the time to walk through this change with us.  And believe us who have sampled the new giving system…on your second time giving you will be so thankful we made the change because it is so user-friendly and intuitive.
We know giving to church is not as much a financial thing, but more a heart thing. Thanks for sharing your heart with Open Life.  Happy New Year and thanks again for your generosity!


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