Christmas 2018 at Open Life

Christmas 2018 at Open Life

Open Life is in the Christmas Spirit

Open Life is helping you experience fresh hope this Christmas. We have begun a series on Hope that you can watch anytime HERE. We think the message of Jesus birth still brings fresh hope today for you and me no matter the season we are facing in our life. There are still two Sundays to celebrate this hope as well as a new experience we are creating for your Christmas Eve.

December 16th – Ugly Sweater Day for Adults & Pajama Day for Kids

Don’t mix that up! We could reach a whole new level of awkward if all the adults show up in ugly pajamas Sunday. So, with your festive sweaters bring the kiddos in their jamas and let’s have a fun day together.  You won’t want to miss the freedom found in the kinds of fresh hope we will explore together in the service.

December 23rd – Christmas Service at Open Life

Our annual Christmas Service the Sunday before Christmas is a celebration of the birth of Jesus. We will have normal kids services and for the teens and adults a creative service that will leave you inspired and full of hope for the year ahead. This is a perfect opportunity for family and friends to join you for a special reflection on the meaning of Christmas.

December 24th – Christmas Eve Experience

Open Life is creating a special candlelight moment for families to enjoy on Christmas Eve. With all of the hustle bustle, it is easy to feel overwhelmed when trying to pack in going to a Christmas Eve Service, so we are bringing the service to you. Open the Open Life Church App or right here on the website to enjoy our Christmas Eve Experience. Grab some candles the next two Sundays while at church for you and your family that will be with you on Christmas Eve and watch the experience together to celebrate the coming of Jesus together in the comfort of your home or theirs.

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