Do What You Love Challenge

Do What You Love Challenge

Rescue:Freedom Challenge

Over the course of January, Open Life has been using the time at the end of our services to talk about Justice for the Oppressed, one of Open Life’s strategic generosity focuses that we highlight throughout each year. And specifically we’ve been highlighting one of our strategic partners, Rescue:Freedom, and their mission “to empower the rescue and restoration of those in sexual slavery and to prevent exploitation.”

10% of everything you give to Open Life in January will be going to help fund Rescue:Freedom’s mission, and we’re excited to tell you today how that is going to happen.

Human Trafficking

Sexual Slavery and Human Trafficking is one of the biggest problems that our world faces today. Human trafficking is a $150 Billion dollar business and $99 Billion of that comes from sexual exploitation. It’s not just a global problem, nearly 25,000 kids were reported as runaways in 2017 and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children estimates 1 in 7 of those were likely victims of child sex trafficking in the US.

This is why Rescue:Freedom is one of Open Life’s strategic partners. Their mission is “to empower the rescue and restoration of those in sexual slavery and to prevent exploitation.”

It’s a worthy cause for Open Life to send our strategic resources to, but there’s something more we want to do, we want to empower you to do something. Last summer we interviewed Edward Sumner from Rescue Freedom and we got to hear stories about their 18 partners in 12 countries that are rescuing women and children from sex slavery and putting them in safe houses and communities where they can be restored and begin a new life and he told us that one of the ways we could help would be this.

So today, we want to introduce to you the “Do What You Love Challenge.” We want to encourage and empower anyone here at Open Life to do something you love to fight what you hate. In this case, we’re fighting “Sexual Slavery.”

Right on Rescue:Freedom’s website they have all the resources you need to set up a campaign to raise money for the cause and mission of Rescue Freedom.

  • Maybe you want to donate your birthday, forgo presents and instead have people donate to your campaign.
  • Maybe you want to run a race, climb a mountain, do a triathlon, and ask people to sponsor you per mile.
  • Maybe you would bake cookies, cupcakes, or have a BBQ and invite people to donate to your campaign.

There’s a lot of creativity here at Open Life and I know some of you have something brewing in your head. You can do something personally, or involve a friend, or even do it as a family.

So here’s what we want you to do. If you want to do something you love to fight what you hate, then start a campaign. It’s very simple. I made one myself in less than 15 minutes.

On September 22nd, I’m going to run a 10k in the Tehaleh Trail Runs. So I set up my campaign and set a goal for $500. Between now and then I’m going to keep people updated on my training, why I’m running, and ask my friends and family to join with me, hopefully by then I will be able to reach my goal. Now I share my campaign with you today, not for you to give to my campaign, but rather so you feel empowered to start your own.

Over the course of January we have $1,000 strategic funds that are ready to go to people of Open Life who start their campaign. Here’s what we are really excited about: If you start a campaign Open Life wants to be your first donation. The first 10 people to start a campaign, Open Life will be your first $100, so you can hit the ground running towards meeting your goal.

Throughout the year we will be giving updates and progress reports and see how the campaigns are going. Let’s see, over the course of 2018, how much this $1000 in January can grow into as we: “Do What We Love To Fight What We Hate”

To start a campaign and get more info visit:

Jadon Haynes


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