Easter at Open Life

Easter at Open Life


Hey OpenLifers, I want to start by thanking you for being a member of OpenLife. Being a member at OpenLife is more than just something you profess but something you participate in. The way you connect, serve and share is how we move forward together in becoming people leading people into a growing relationship with Jesus. Thank you for that!


Easter Sunday is 5 weeks away and it is always a big day for churches. The majority of churches will see a spike in attendance as Easter is a day that almost everyone who calls a church home will come, it’s a day that people are intentionally inviting people to church and it’s a day where people are willing to go to a church to fulfill their feelings of religious obligation. Most churches just like OpenLife are intentionally preparing for this day and as members of OpenLife, we have some great expectations for you this Easter.


Our goal for this Easter is to see 400 people in attendance between the two campuses. This doesn’t happen by accident. This happens through intentionality. Our first expectation is that you will be bringing at least one other person with you to Easter Sunday. If you take the average attendance of OpenLife on a Sunday and double it based on every person bringing one person with them on Easter Sunday, we would have 316 in attendance. That is just by everyone who regularly comes bringing one person with them. We know that not everyone will bring someone and we know that others will have more than one person. Bring at least one person with you!

There are some proven ways to make an invitation turn into a guest:

01) Meet them someplace beforehand and come together or get to OpenLife well before they come so you can greet them at the door and help them find a place to sit.

02) Introduce them to someone besides Thad, Brent or Jadon. We want to meet the people you bring but it is also the connections that they make with other people that will help them stick.

03) Thank them for coming.

04) Follow up with them within 48 hours. Let them process their visit. See if they have any questions or comments.

05) Communicate that feedback to your campus pastor. We want to hear the good and the bad that your friends and family experience during their visit to OpenLife.


Secondly, arrive EARLY!!! Try to be at OpenLife by 9:45am on Easter Sunday. Guests start arriving between 9:50-10:00. Most of them are early. Parties are best when the hosts are there when the guests arrive. As a member of OpenLife, you’re a host. Be there early. Find people and introduce yourself. Ask who invited them or how they heard about OpenLife and make sure you thank them for coming. If no one invited them and they came on their own, invite them to sit with you. That’s neighboring! Our primary concern is creating a warm welcoming environment where people feel loved and our members make that happen.


Lastly and most importantly, pray. We have some very specific things you can be praying for:

01) People will choose to follow Jesus.

02) New families will continue coming to OpenLife after Easter

03) We have over 400 people on Easter Sunday.

I am really excited for Easter and what lies ahead. Thank you so much for your prayers and trusting us when you invite someone to OpenLife. It means a lot to myself and the leaders of OpenLife when you bring people with you. I am looking forward to hearing the stories of your friends and family coming to OpenLife this Easter and how Jesus is working in their lives and yours. Thanks for moving forward with OpenLife in being people leading people into a growing relationship with Jesus.

– Brent 


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