Fall 2016 Groups

Fall 2016 Groups

Join a group, it might be the best 8 weeks of your year.

It’s amazing the things we spend 8 weeks doing; catching our favorite fall TV series, driving the kids to another season of practices and games, recovering from a major medical procedure, but what about dramatically impacting your relationship with Jesus and each other through groups?  groups

Open Life has designed groups in 8-12 week sessions to help you find a short enough time frame to alter your schedule from the norm.  It might take carving out time you would otherwise do something normal.  It might mean 8 plus weeks of your kids getting to bed a touch later than usual or eating dinner an hour later than you would prefer.  We believe growing in a relationship with Jesus and each other is well worth the short term negative or inconvenient ramifications of these sacrifices.  When you think about it these are the same decisions we make to allow our kids to enjoy participating in a drama production or sport.  Our thought is your relationship with Jesus is way more life impacting and worth a session of your year as well.

When I consider the fruit our family has experienced by making these choices, sacrifices if you will, it’s been worth it beyond measure.  I long to share the same fulfillment we have enjoyed with you and your family.

Find the groups that work for you

So, find a group, carve out the time and see how your relationship with Jesus and each other are impacted this fall through your sacrifice.

Find Your Group

Find Your Group

Find your group by clicking here.


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