Update on Fall Plans

Update on Fall Plans

August 22 update

I wanted to give you some updates and ask for your input as we determine the best time and location for our weekly services, which we plan to begin the second weekend of September.


Our outdoor services have been uplifting. We have discovered that family-style services work and are impactful for those who have pushed through the requirements of social distancing and masks to meet with Jesus in a loving, wise, and legal way. Seeing one another and encouraging one another has been a spirit lifter for sure.

We are excited for the day the Sumner Bonney Lake School District will rent the PAC to us on Sundays again and will move in the week they are open to this, but in the meantime, we have found two churches that have windows of time for us to use their facilities to hold services.

Rainier Hills will allow us to meet on Saturdays…we want to hear from you if Morning or Evening works best for you. This is the largest venue which would allow us to do one service.

Lake Tapps Christian Church would allow us to meet Sunday Nights, but would probably end up meaning we would do two services as it is smaller until we could meet with more than 25% facility usage.


SO, YOUR CALL TO ACTION is to please take the survey linked with this video in order to express which service times work best for you and your family, so we can gather the most amount of Open Lifers together on a weekly basis.


We also understand that, for various reasons, meeting indoors this fall is not for everyone.

  • We will continue to have an online service weekly and lean into the potential of online training and classes to be involved in significant ways this fall.
  • We understand the choices each of you are considering at this time.
    • Thank you in advance for taking the quick survey to help us know where you are at in this process so we can plan accordingly.

As we have been sharing within the messages recently, being a church with services only is not our goal. We need deeper relationships formed through growing our faith together (What we called “doing life together” when we launched Open Life 10 years ago). We are hard at work trying to find the best path for helping us grow deeper in our relationship with Jesus and each other and are anticipating an October rollout of growth groups, both in-person and online, that work for us to take our faith and relationships with each other to the next level of depth. Growing our faith roots deeper and unbreakable bonds with each other as a church is critical in this season.

You and I were not designed to do life alone, nor did Jesus give his life on the cross and rise from the grave so we could only carve out an hour for him on Sunday mornings.

We need to prioritize our foundation. Our relationship with Jesus deserves our focus and with a firm and growing relationship with Jesus, we can face anything that comes our way victoriously.


This quarantine time and the polarizing atmosphere in our culture has not come without impact in the church as well. Some families have physically moved (nearly all of our drivers for the trailer no longer live here), some have determined a church that submits to governing authorities is not for them, but still others have grown all the more during our time of not meeting in person on a weekly basis. So, in answer to the question… How is the church doing? We will see.

  • When we commit to the process of growing together this fall through services and growth groups (either in person or online), we will see how the dust has settled.
  • Some of those who have left the church were generous with, as we say, their time, talents, and treasure, so we will genuinely miss having these people as part of our community, and there will be shortfalls on our serve teams and finances moving forward.
  • This is an open invitation for everyone who is a part of Open Life to deepen their roots as members of Open Life!
  • We will not grow in healthy ways if we choose to neglect meeting together both during services and outside of Sunday services.
    • I want to challenge you to build unbreakable bonds together as a church community.

At the same time there are plenty of opportunities both with our future in person gatherings as well as our continued online services for you to make an impact by serving. So, it’s a great time to go ALL IN at Open Life. Begin to give generously, join a serve team if you haven’t and a great time to press in if you’re already part.

Our mission is still to be people leading people into a growing relationship with Jesus. Connecting, Serving and Sharing our lives with God and each other in increasing measure. Our Vision continues; to see the 88% of our community that does not currently know Jesus come to know Him personally by loving and serving them faithfully. We are believing God for 552 people to go public with their faith through water baptism in the next 10 years. That will be a ton of transformed lives, living life to the full and able to face any season life can bring.

Thank you for being one of the people! For being the people leading people…for being ALL IN, JOINED TOGETHER, SO WE CAN MOVE AHEAD!


Thad Huff

Lead Pastor | Open Life


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