Fall Staff Advance

Fall Staff Advance



Every fall the staff of Open Life escapes their normal routine and gets away to plan the upcoming year/years.  We don’t call it a retreat because we are not retreating, but placing our best effort in advancing our mission.  We dream, pray, worship, play, eat and go through lots of coffee.  There is a tremendous amount of work to be done to fulfill our vision of reaching the 80,000 people in our region who have yet to experience the love Jesus has to offer and we want to listen to the Holy Spirit guide us as we continue to pursue the mission he set us out to accomplish 6 years ago.969148_10151810305754667_1178761901_n

We will be holding ourselves to the dream, the culture, and purifying what God has helped us accomplish to this point, while looking ahead and asking ourselves questions like, “what does Jesus want Open Life to be known for at year 10?”

We will also be putting our best ideas for future series to be preached and books of the Bible to walk through that will be equip and empower the church to fulfill it’s mission.

We need you to pray:

  • Pray for Open Life Bonney Lake and Open Life Sumner and future Open Life locations.
  • Pray for God given ideas and insights into the practical steps we need to take to facilitate forward motion to the vision and mission of the church.
  • Pray for the future annual emphasis and messages to be God birthed in us.
  • Pray that our families will be protected and safe as we leave them with family and friends who have taken on the part of the mission to bless us to get away for this 24 hour window of time.
  • Pray for dreams that we have yet to dream to surface divinely.
  • Pray for each of our staff by name.
  • Pray for the communities we serve, that we will have the eyes that see and ears that hear how we can be even more present in the lives of those who need to experience Jesus in our communities.

Thank you in advance for playing your role in this thing called the church that is designed by God to bless and equip you to live the life that is truly worth living.  We love serving you and want to do it even more effectively to help your story meet Jesus story and touch the lives of so many in our region.


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