Foster Care Sweet Cases

Foster Care Sweet Cases

This Saturday Open Life will assemble 50 Sweet Cases

Open Life invites anyone passionate about serving those in the Foster Care System to join us at the Gordon Family YMCA in Sumner, this Saturday, October 22nd, at 1:30pm to assemble 50 Sweet Cases for children entering the Foster Care system.  Please sign up below if you will be joining us.

Why Sweet Cases for Foster Care Children?

Last April Open Life went “all in” with Foster Care. Since that declaration we have searched and offered our support to various organizations already serving Foster Families in the East Pierce County area.  We’ve been searching for tangible opportunities to support new children to the foster system.  Open Life Bonney Lake’s Heidi Miltimore along with Beth Spencer have been researching organizations that have a welcome suitcase or duffle bag and through the recommendation of a Facebook post by Open Life Bonney Lake’s Mandy Leppanen they found the organization Together We Rise who have developed the “Sweet Case”.

What Together We Rise showed us is that kids are often entering care with nothing more than a trash bagSweet Cases Fix This of supplies.  The dream behind the “sweet case” is to give them items that they can call their own that would also help them as they work through this tremendously painful season of their young lives.  It’s a duffle style bag, so it provides comfort, but does not say this is a permanent longterm season like a suitcase would communicate.

How does this work for Foster Families in our area?

Children’s Division workers do all that they can to help these children but they have so many kids and not a lot of funds. Open Life and Olive Crest are working with Together We Rise to provide Pierce County “sweet cases” for children coming into care. These duffel bags will be decorated with fun designs and encouragement, filled with pillow pet/stuffed animal, coloring books/crayons, blanket, and hygiene kits that will belong to them and go with them throughout their journey.

These children deserve to know their emotional needs are just as important as their physical needs. We can show them they are special and cared for by putting these bags into their hands! Let’s show them they deserve more than a trash bag to carry their most precious belongings!

What exactly will we be doing on this Saturday?

Open Life has already used funds raised last Easter to purchase 50 cases and the supplies to be added to them from Together We Rise. Now we are giving the people of Open Life and this community the opportunity to assemble all of these bags. Then they will go to the kids in our region who will enter the Foster system in the coming weeks.

You will be unpacking boxes, coloring on cases and stuffing them to be ready to deliver to Olive Crest South Sound.  We think you will find it to be amazingly fulfilling. We hope out of this we can raise the awareness of this need for other cases to be ordered and supplied to additional agencies in our county that desire them.  You can read a bit more and even direct a potential donor to our page about Sweet Cases, HERE.

See you on Saturday!

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