Foster Care

Foster Care

Open Life goes all-in with Foster Care

downloadOver the past year foster care has touched Open Life Church in various ways.  Whether it’s Open Life members who have fostered and adopted children with the help of Youth For Christ or others in the church who have been impacted by families who are passionate about foster care within our community.  These people have shared the needs present at DSHS and the current realities of foster care in Pierce County and across the state of Washington. In response, the pastoral team knew the potential impact that could be made by becoming a church that is all-in with foster care.

When we were entering into our latest series about placing our best where moths and rust cannot destroy, called “More Than ____,” we knew that week 4 was an important week. We wanted to present a social justice initiative that could stir the hearts of every person who regularly attends Open Life Church.  We first thought of global adoption, and the agencies we could potentially partner with and donate our Easter offering to, which we take every year, but nothing was falling into place.  We also reflected on sex trafficking, an international issue which as well a local one, but again it just didn’t resonate.  That’s when we began thinking of the reality of foster care. We thought about the 1200 kids in Pierce County alone and the 10,000 kids across the State of Washington.  We thought of the 1522 children that came through the system in 2015 alone. 10% of the youth in the foster system reside in Pierce County.  How could we not take action?

As we began to research and follow the challenge presented throughout scripture to care “for orphans and widows in their distress” (James 1:27) we began to feel deeply passionate about Open Life taking on foster care in Bonney Lake, Sumner, and the surrounding region as a key ministry of our church.  We see it being the next Big Give or School Supply Give that we are known for in our communities.  Foster care is something that each person can make a very tangible impact in. With the manpower of our church and the ability that we have to network with other churches in our state and region, we feel we can make great strides to meeting the needs present in the foster care system.  Where there are not enough homes available for kids in need today, what if in the coming years we are able to have a surplus of homes ready for families that are in a season of crisis.  You can hear or watch the entire message HERE.

There is really no room in scripture to not go all-in. After all, a “pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans.” (James 1:27)  We now find ourselves on an adventure that is not going to take a year, not two years, or even ten, but rather an adventure that will forever be a part of the legacy of Open Life Church. It doesn’t matter if you attend the Bonney Lake Campus or our Campus in Sumner, Open Life is going all-in  by fostering, adopting, assisting or supplying the needs of the foster community in Pierce County and eventually the state, country, and world.

So what will you do?  Will you foster, adopt, assist, or supply the needs of a foster family in Pierce County, Washington, the United States or the globe?  Don’t wait a minute longer. We watched this video together as a church this past Sunday, and we encourage you to as well. Shed a tear or two, and let’s go all-in, together.

Do you want to make an immediate impact?  When you show up to Easter at Open Life a $5 donation will be given to support foster care in our community and region.  In addition, we will be giving 100% of the offering on Easter to foster care as well.  If you want to give now to foster care, you can do so HERE anytime.  We are all-in and we would love for you to be a part of this amazing adventure from the very beginning as well.

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