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Open Life is going all in with Foster Care!

For us this means facilitating every person who is on mission with Open Life to participate in some way of fostering, adopting, assisting or supporting the foster care needs within our county, state, nation and world.  The county our church is in is one of the highest county’s for foster care in our state.  Our desire is to meet the needs here in our own community first and then increase our engagement until we model for churches and organizations all across the globe how to engage the needs of orphans, and foster children in order that we can take our rightful place as the body of Christ in caring for those in need this way.  Through partnerships with organizations who have been doing things a lot longer than we have in the foster care arena to launching our own initiatives, we are going all in!

Listen tot he talk HERE from Sunday, March 13th where we presented the vision for Open Life going all in with Foster Care.

Watch the Wagner’s Story.

Discover the needs of foster care
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areas we plan to engage.




Become a foster family.  Respite provider, emergency care, short term, long term…all are needed.  The process is lengthy, but with the right support from our strategic partners you can do this.





Foster adopt a child or some siblings! Every year 1000 kids will age out of the system and 70% of those will end up in prison.  Don’t let that be the story any longer.




From tutoring, sponsoring, to a weekly meal or serving as a licensed babysitter or serving in the children’s areas at Open Life…the list here is lengthy, but honorable and results in experiencing life at an amazing level of fulfillment.




Many kids show up at DSHS with nothing but the clothing on their backs.  We will develop a list of items needed by families and distribute it to the homes in need as well as many additional resources.  


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We dare you to Watch this Story.

“It’s the most real depiction of what fostering
can feel like at times.”

Strategic Partners in Foster Care

Olive Crest South Sound

To provide faith-based holistic services to children and families through foster care

Tacoma Foster Care serves children in the fostering system by recruiting, training, certifying, and supporting Christian foster families. Our goal is to provide excellent care for children until they can be safely returned to their families. For those children not able to return home, the Tacoma YFC Foster Care team works to connect them with YFC adoptive families.

Sweet Cases

No child should come into Foster Care and get a trash bag of needed items.

Together We Rise is an organization that has amazing buying power to supply our local foster kids with a duffle bag and essential supplies when they come into the Foster System. They will have a sense of comfort and hope with these bags we will assembly in a party moment together and distribute through Olive Crest South Sound.

HERE is our website highlighting our involvement with Sweet Cases.

Facebook Group

We have started a Facebook Group for foster families to share needs in and for Open Life families to have the ability to reply and provide directly through cutting any administrative middle man and speeding up the assistance and supply capacity.  Simply click the Facebook logo to the left here to open the group in Facebook and request permission to Join.

The Wishing Well Foundation

The Wishing Well is a non-profit organization that provides New and Gently used clothing to children 0-18 years of age that are placed in the foster care system in Pierce County.

Donate To Foster Care

Donate To Foster Care

To give to Open Life Foster Care simply pick the campus you are connected to from the giving page this icon links to, then select the Foster Care fund to designate your gift to all we are doing with Foster Care in Pierce County.