A Google Review for Christmas

A Google Review for Christmas

Our Christmas wish is a positive Google Review.

Our Christmas wish is for you to take two minutes right now and click through to your Open Life campus and give us a 5-star review and share an insight about how the church is impacting your life.  Believe it or not, this may be the most powerful invitation you can make this year for people in the community to find hope this Christmas.

Did you know when people hear about a church, they immediately go to their phone and search for it?  70% of people will do this instead of going to our website.  What they are looking for is testimonies of people who have enjoyed the church and had their lives impacted.  This is where the power of a great Google Review makes an impact.  People will click on a listing with high reviews and great insights.

When they search churches in _____ they will see a map of churches that have ratings and reviews and we want them to see an Open Life Bonney Lake or Open Life Sumner with 5-star ratings and great reviews that make it simple for people to choose to join Open Life for their Christmas services.

What does a great review look like? 5 star rating

  • Tell people it was a safe place for you and your family.
  • Tell people Open Life is genuine, you were able to be yourself and not feel like you had to put on an act.
  • Tell people it’s way bigger than the service, it’s what the church does in the community that is the difference maker.
  • Tell people it has changed your life and how.
  • Tell people you need a weekly laugh and this is the place to get it.
  • Tell people you love music, and that the music here touches your life and not just your ears.

Here is how you give a review:

It’s simple, just click which campus you want to review below.

Review Bonney Lake Here Review Sumner Here


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