GROUPS Life is a team sport

GROUPS Life is a team sport

Groups are getting ready to begin

Group Parties are the week of February 17th.  Open Life believes in connecting with Jesus and each other. We believe life is a team sport, and it’s most fulfilling when experienced in community.

This next session of groups we have determined to launch groups with a new twist. We are launching into a 9 week sessions of groups with parties. A time that you can come and get a flavor for the group, it’s leaders and those who are a part of it to determine if its a fit for you to be a part of for the next few weeks.

We do 8-10 week group sessions 3 times a year. Fall, Winter and Spring. Many of our groups have space for new families to join in on the fun of growing in your relationship with Jesus together. Find a group that meets on a good night for you, and is at a perfect time.

We get it, life is busy and sometimes it is really hard to find a group that will work with your schedule, have you thought of hosting, leading a group that would work? There are others just like you out there who would love a group to be a part of. Something to think about. See what works for you. Make your way to the group’s page and express your interests.



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