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Do you like the idea of hanging out every week with people you’re developing relationships with and focusing on growing your relationship with Jesus as well?

“Yes please!”


Lead a Group

If Open Life is your church? Then you are qualified!

This is your opportunity to lead in a capacity that is truly life engaging, purposeful, and essential to our connecting with one another. Fill in the form, and the Groups team will be in contact regarding the next steps in the process for you.


Host a Group

Not ready to lead a group, but willing to host?

Being an Open Life group host simply requires that you have a large enough space for 10 to 16 people, an easy to find address, space for food and beverages, lights on and a welcoming atmosphere!




Watch the original groups video.

developing relationships
with Jesus and each other.




Life is a team sport

Imagine a church that believes in the development of relationships with Jesus and each other.
That church is Open Life!
We believe life is a team sport, and it’s most fulfilling when experienced in community.

1 Thes. 2:8


Open Life groups meet on different days and times of the week in different locations.  This might be an ideal option for those looking for Bonney Lake churches or Orting churches that offer small groups in addition to weekend worship services. 

You can choose a group based on leader, host, day of the week or season of life. Our group sessions run during the school year, three times a year, for 10-12 weeks, with one month off after each session. During each month off, registration for the upcoming session will open.

Most groups stick together and enjoy the opportunity to grow more significant relationships over the course of multiple group sessions until they multiply to do life with even more of their friends.  Contact us for more information or to get help deciding which group might be the best choice for you.










Why Should I Join A Group?

How many of us have significant relationships where we can let down our guard with each other? How many of us can have a Jesus centered discussion with those same people? Groups exists to promote these significant relationships with each other and Jesus. Imagine what is possible when you encourage one another to keep going, serve one another, and share life together. Let the Bible inspire you to join as well…Romans 1:11-12, Hebrews 10:24-25, Acts 2:42-47.

What Happens At A Group?

Most groups take place for 1½ hours. The first 15 minutes are about connecting; you talk with other people in the group and get to know them. There will be light refreshments or a dinner shared, depending on what group you’re in. The leader of the group will facilitate discussion based on the previous Sunday message at Open Life. The leader will end the discussion time by asking if there are prayer requests. The group will take time to pray for these requests. The remaining time is devoted to additional connect time and sharing life together.

How Important Are Groups?

Open Life Church groups are the place where the personal ministry of the church naturally takes place. People leading people into a growing relationship with Jesus while connecting in a meaningful way, serving and sharing our lives with one another. We believe that meeting together on a regular basis is time well spent. Our goal each year is to have at least 80% of our adults involved on a weekly basis.

What Will We Study At A Group?

The discussions will be inspired by the previous Sunday talk at Open Life. The handouts within the worship guides on Sunday will contain material for you to process before coming to your group. We will make these available online as well, in case you miss the service or don’t attend Open Life currently. This will allow you to flesh out the application of the talks and come prepared with content to discuss together. Reviewing the previous week’s talk allows for greater comprehension and generates multiple questions that can be shared and discussed within your group. Yay for no awkward silence!

How Do I Choose A Group?

Choose a group that works for your friends, schedule and lifestyle. You will be more likely to attend a group on a regular basis if you choose a night of the week that is mainly free, or that you could free from conflict for 10 weeks. Whatever group you choose, be consistent, you will personally gain from your choice. Try the group of your choice, if it doesn’t fit after three weeks, you are free to go with no questions asked.

When and Where Do Groups Meet?

Groups meet on different days and times of the week, three seasons of the year. Whatever works best for those who participate. Find one HERE.

How Long Do Group Sessions Last?

All groups meet weekly and last 8 to 12 weeks (except for student groups). We follow the school calendar and with fall, winter and spring sessions of groups.

What Am I Committing To?

We ask that you come prepared to participate in as many meetings as your schedule allows within the season. Groups are about promoting significant relationships with each other and Jesus. The growth potential is directly connected to your ability to prioritize being present. If you would like to grow in both areas, we ask you make the group you signed up for a priority for the entire session, give or take a vacation or sickness of course.

How Do I Sign Up For A Group?

See what group works for your schedule and click the link to sign up. It is pretty simple from there.

HERE is the link to our groups.

What Do Groups Cost?

Signing up for a group is free. The only cost to you is prioritizing the block of time in your weekly schedule for a season. Depending on your groups there might be very minimal child care/sitter fee, as well, if your group decides to rotate refreshment/snack responsibilities.

What About Child Care At Groups?

All children are welcome to attend any group unless a group’s details specify that it is for adults only. The first night the groups will decide if hiring a babysitter each week is a viable option. If there are multiple children in the group the leader will recommend a sitter, as we want everyone attending the group to get the most of the experience whether they have children or not.

Are There Groups For Teenagers?

Is my mom the source of my hairy legs? (hope my mom doesn’t read this!)

Absolutely! Being a student is a “season in life” group, so check out the Student Life Groups at the base of the “Find a Group” page HERE.

Why do some of your groups meet at places that serve alcohol?

Groups that meet at places like Glow martini lounge are like any other dine-in establishment, they serve an assortment of food and beverages, including alcohol. If you desire a venue that is free from alcohol then we would refer you to another group at Open Life Groups. We read clearly in scripture that alcohol is not for all and even a stumbling block for others. This leads us to always notify you of groups that may have alcohol present.

Next Group Session

Next Group Session

Our group sessions follow the school calendar.
The Fall 2019 session runs the week of September 29th through the week of December 8th.
sign ups are always live above at “Find a Group”.