Home Work

Home Work

Marriages take work!

Those who have been married for more than a year have realized that it takes intentional effort to keep the flames of love alive.  At Open Life we encourage people to fill out connection cards every week.  On the back side of these cards is an area to share prayer requests.  In the recent months, we have seen an increase for prayer over marriages.  Marriages that are struggling, separated, even in the process of divorce.  As a staff we pray over these requests and coming into the 2017 year we have been praying for the words to say that will encourage, show mercy and infuse a fresh hope into these families.

During the Home Work series, we will be sharing hope, wisdom, and vulnerability.

Our prayer that great marriages will grow stronger and even serve as a model for those who need a couple to share their challenges within the coming months.  Our prayer is for those who are struggling to find the hope they have been seeking to face the mess and do the hard work of making it through the rough space they are in.  Our prayer is that those who have gone through the heartache of divorce will find the forgiveness and freedom God promises in his scripture.

Will you pray with us?

Pray for this series…and for our Pastors that are heading to a marriage conference this week to even learn more about how we can equip marriages to do the hard work of love.

  • Week 1 – The Work Of Marriage (speaking to the work of love)
  • Week 2 – Love Again (speaking to the languages of love)
  • Week 3 – Married With Children (speaking to the challenges of loving and fighting when children are in the mix)
  • Week 4 – FAQ (this is the week we will address the tough questions from the survey below that you can add your input towards)

We are excited to invest in your marriage, families and maybe for you singles, your future marriage.



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