How was your first online Sunday?

How was your first online Sunday?

Your first Sunday online was a huge success!

Thank you for engaging with Open Life, especially those who filled out a connection card, commented on social media, YouTube or sent some of us text messages of gratitude (thanks for the art Coles!).


Complete this short form helping us serve you best. Let us know how you watched the service, who was with you and any challenges you faced. We would love to know what was missing or confusing and how we can make it the best experience for you and those you Invite.



One thing we know is that we have had hundreds of people stop into the service, even for more than one minute. And 58% of those who have experienced over a minute were invited by YOU. They were people who found the service through your “shares”. Imagine the amount of hope you have brought to so many. It was also amazing to hear about people experiencing the service that were out of state and even the country Sunday. It was so good to connect with everyone!


Our first priority is to provide helpful resources for you to continue growing your relationship with Jesus. As more restrictions are sure to come by the time we even send this email our ability to provide ministry and content is constantly changing and we are prayerfully considering how to ensure you are cared for and served throughout this pandemic.


The most important way we can determine if you were with us for a service online is for you to say hello and who is watching the service with you. This helps us know who is not able to connect and we want to heighten our efforts to reach out and find out how people are doing, especially our at-risk families. We are dreaming of ministries we can be provided during our time of social distancing and will be sending out resources and opportunities soon.

Thank you again for being flexible and joining bringing your heart together with ours to BE THE CHURCH in the community at this time of need. We love and miss you all!

– Thad


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