On Easter our church will not be able to gather in-person as we traditionally do. This is heartbreaking because COVID-19 has many people looking for answers to life’s deepest questions and wondering if there is any hope. This, more than ever, is the time for the church to rise up and proclaim the message of the gospel and resurrection. But how can we do this when we are not allowed to meet?

We believe this obstacle is actually an opportunity — an opportunity to share the gospel with far more people than we typically would on Easter and to empower you to be the primary voices of that good news.


We help prepare you to share your testimony, so that this week leading up to Easter, we all post our sixty-second videos on social media with the hashtag #JesusChangedMyLife taging @openlifechurch as well. People all over our city, quarantined in their homes and scrolling on their phones, would see a flood of stories about how the resurrected Jesus brings purpose and meaning and hope. One click on the hashtag and they could see hundreds of people — just like them — from churches all across the country talking about how Jesus changed the trajectory of their life!

Think about the implications.

Rather than each of us inviting one person to an Easter service, we could each proclaim the gospel to hundreds of non-Christian friends and co-workers. It could be the most evangelistic day in the history of our church. And the best part is that every one of us are the ones proclaiming the gospel. Furthermore, this will be a beautiful display of the unity of churches across our country; it’s not one church’s “thing.” Rather, it puts all the emphasis on Jesus.