Campus Worship Lead

This job is based out of Open Life Sumner

Summary of Role

Facilitate the worship ministry at Open Life Sumner in collaboration with the Open Life Worship Dept. in order to most effectively have an environment (spiritual climate) to lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus.


  1. Schedule Worship Leaders and musicians for services
  2. Facilitate rehearsals with the worship leaders and teams as necessary
  3. Pull songs for the worship set in collaboration with other campuses and distribute to teams
    • Attempt to theme the songs to the talks as possible
  4. Develop future worship leaders and teams, through our model of apprenticing.
  5. Facilitate the Set up and readiness for worship on Sundays by 8:40am (set up at 8am – torn down by Noon)
  6. Come to scheduled staff meetings prepared to contribute to the overall mission of the church and grow as a leader.
  7. Directly report to Campus Lead Pastor


  1. Grow personally in your relationship with Jesus
  2. Participate in or Lead a Group
  3. Serve on a Team for Open Life Services
  4. Weekly assist with set up and tear down
  5. Tithe and participate in Offerings
  6. Invite people to Open Life regularly

Open Life Leadership Application Process

  1. Complete Leadership Application Form (this will take you 30 minutes, work will not save, you must complete this in one sitting)
  1. Construct a Resume with a cover letter and current photo of yourself
    • Email this resume after completing the application to
    • We will review your application & resume and respond to you with our intent of continuing on or not prior to contacting your references.
  1. An Open Life staff member will conduct the first interview.
    • This will be face to face if possible, or if distance prohibits this we will attempt a video-conference or phone interview.
    • You may have interviewed face to face prior to beginning this process, in that case we will proceed to the next step.
  1. We will contact all of your references, while you complete a DISC Behaviors & Motivators Assessment.
    • This assessment and review is worth $250 and is a huge add value to you as a person.  We ask that you pay for this assessment up front at the cost of $108 and if hired we will reimburse you for the cost.  Either way we will walk through your results with you.
  1. Pending our findings from step 4, we will proceed to a Group interview.
    • This is a two-hour face to face with two or more of our team/leadership.
  1. Within a week from this interview you will be informed as to the results.