Kids Check In

Getting Started With Check-Ins

Planning Center Check-Ins is an online app that gives you the ability to check kids, adults and volunteers into your events or classes. Here’s a few helpful tips to get you started.

Check-Ins Basics

Check Ins consists of two different views. The “Admin” view, where people set up the system, and the “Station” view, which is the interface that is used when someone is checked in.

Admin View

  1. Events – Events are the options that will show up when you are checking someone in. To learn more, click this article.
  2. Stations – A station is a unique computer or device used to allow check-ins. It can be manned, with a volunteer needed to check people in, or can be set to allow any one to check themselves in without assistance. See this article to find out more.
  3. People – There’s a few ways to get people into your Check-Ins System. Click this article to find out.

Station View

  1. Self Check-In Station – A Self Check-In Station only allows you to find already added people by phone number or barcode. Because we want this station to be as secure as possible, we don’t allow to search by name or add new people. If you want to make sure they can’t get back into Admin View, make sure you log out of admin view, after you make that computer a station.
  2. Manned Station – Manned Stations allow you to do everything a self check in station can do, but also allows you to search by name and add new people. To learn more about this, check out the article on People.


There are lots of ways to get help in PCO Check-Ins. The best way is using the help box accessible by clicking the help button at the top right under your name.

  1. Type your question into the search box. Even if you’d like to email our team directly, the question here will become your subject line.
  2. Click the link to watch some of our tutorial videos. Most of our videos are included int he lessons in our manual, so it might be easier to search using step 1.
  3. We offer free webinars ever month for some of our apps. Click to check out the times and sign up.
  4. Click here to contact our support team. It’s always best to send us a message from here as we get all the helpful information that can help us answer your question faster. If you’d like to add a screenshot or attachment, please wait for a confirmation email to be sent to you, and reply to that with the attachments.

Ida’s insights

We have had some fun getting to know the system in the past few weeks.

Below are the insights and suggestions for smooth operation from Ida.



If child has attended before

  1. Type in first name and choose from list that pops up.
  2. The entire family will show. Make sure only those children who are checking in are marked on the left in white.
  3. Make sure those checking in are checking into a class, printed in white beneath name, ie: nursery, preschool or elementary. If it says Bonney Lake, click on child’s name, then click on Kid’s Life and choose correct class. Scroll down and choose the button that says, “prepare check in.”
  4. This will take you back to the family list. When all is okay, scroll down and choose “check in 3 people” or however many there are. The labels should print soon after.

What to do If a family brings a child with them as a guest

After doing steps 1-3 above, choose “add a person” in the upper right hand corner.

Follow steps 3-6 below.

If child has not attended previously

  1. Hit the “enter” key.
  2. Choose “add person”
  3. Choose “as a one- time guest”
  4. Type in first and last name of child, and any medical issues.
  5. Select a location – Kid’s Church elementary, preschool, nursery
  6. Choose “prepare check-in”
  7. Choose “Add a person” if there are more children in the family to check in for the first time as guests, and repeat the above steps, otherwise choose “check in 1 person” and labels will print.