Kids Life

Kids Life

Each weekend, we offer high-energy, age-appropriate environments with songs, games and creative teaching. We think that learning should be fun. That is why from start to finish, we strive to make your time with us a great experience.

The safety of your children is very important to us. We have comprehensive protection policies and procedures in place, which includes the training and screening of our volunteers. If for some reason, your child were to need you during the service, first we will text you and if you miss that, we would flash your family identification code onto the screen in the adult auditorium, letting you know we need you for something.










Nursery (6 weeks - 3 years)

Leaving your baby can be tough, that is why we have made every effort to make our nursery comfortable, fun and safe. In our Nursery environment, for ages 6 weeks to 3 years old, children will begin to discover God. They will learn who God is through stories, songs, and fun activities.

Pre-school (3 - 5 years)

In our Preschool environment, for ages 3 through kindergarten, we have energetic volunteers ready to help children explore further knowledge of God. They will do this through singing songs, playing games, and listening to a Bible story.

Elementary Service (K - 5th grade)

Our elementary environment is for children in kindergarten through 5th grade. We have an hour packed with videos, music, an interactive Bible story, and lots of games. Trust us, this will be the best hour of your child’s week. They will make new friends and learn about God every Sunday.









Kids Life FAQ

Open life has Bonney Lake and Sumner churches with programs for children and youth as well as people of all ages – a church for people just like you!


What are your procedures for keeping kids safe?

Every child is checked in electronically and given a label with your cell phone number as well as a number that is unique to the child and family. Parents are given a matching label with the same identification numbers.

All of our volunteers are screened and all of our classes are staffed with your child’s learning and safety in mind.


What if my child won’t stop crying?

It is not uncommon for young kids to resist coming to a new environment.  It is best to put any needed information on the child’s tag when you check in so the hand off is as quick as possible.  Drop them off and make your way to grab a coffee, water or just enter the service.  We got this!

Don’t worry, we are used the the initial tears, but if your child is unable to be calmed we will page you if they have continued to cry for 15 minutes straight.


Who will be working with my kids?

We place our best volunteers in our kids life team. All of our volunteers go through a screening process which includes a background check and an apprenticeship. We also provide periodic training for all of our volunteers to make sure we are living our the cultures of Open Life while serving every child to the best of our ability.

Good to know

What else do I need to know?

We suggest that you plan to arrive about 15 minutes prior to the service so that you can check your kids in and enjoy the entire service. Also, to ensure the health of children and volunteers, we ask that sick children not attend the kids areas.  We have a viewing room set up just for you.


Passionate about investing into the lives of kids? Kids Life has opportunities from interacting directly with kids and behind the scenes roles. No matter what gifts or abilities you have, use them to impact the next generation.