Kids Life Set Up


  • Place tables so that when set-up the Kids Life Banner is visible between from Entry Hallway.
  • Speedy on right, with the printer on the outside (so families will check-in and go straight)
    • Make sure and plug in the barcode reader pointing to the right.
  • New Check-in on Left, with the printer on the left (so families will go left to kids after check-in)
  • Note the visibility of Preschool & Elementary Banners ahead (Nursery is just to the right out of frame)

  • On the back side of the Kids Check-in, we put the Open Life green banner to make the ugly look less, ugly!




  • Nursery view at the double doors.
  • Note rug under table
  • 4 x 6 area of padding
  • Slide to left

  • Inflatable and Kitchen


  • Pre-School Entry area gate

  • pup ups velcro together and go here in front of windows

  • tubs against the wall and rugs on the floor for play space

  • Book holder in front of screen
  • Speaker and sub in front of screen and plugged into wall & computer
  • Computer plugged into projector port on wall (all cables in grey bag)
  • Make sure to turn on and off the projector in this space

  • Inflatable, 4 pads on entry and exit

  • Three tables and 12 chairs
  • Two containers in back


  • Chairs and rug and projector

  • View coming up the stairs

  • FL4 can be stored behind the sign to help block off the hallway

  • The view as you enter the doors – Entry table by the lockers

  • Game table by bathrooms

  • Table out from windows & Sound table

  • Back hallway
    • 2 tables off to the left with chairs
    • 2 tables together near the doors (for ping pong)

  • Inflatable in corner

Tear down:

Teacher, please make sure tables and chairs are stacked against the main wall.