Marriage Group Re|engage

Marriage Group Re|engage

re|engage offers hope to marriages

Would you rate your marriage as a 2 or a 10?  Maybe even a 0?  You are not alone.  Whether your marriage needs to be reignited or is in need of a complete resurrection, re|engage is a safe place for couples to reconnect.  Reengage is a marriage enrichment program that functions in both a large group and small group format|engage

Open Life began re|engage with the desire to serve all marriages within our community.

We believe every marriage is worth the effort of spending weekly time studying what will make our marriages stronger. Taking a serious and authentic look at where we are at and moving forward to complete oneness. Too often in our busy world, we do everything else around us to keep up and help our kids excel but let our marriages fall to the side. Vibrant marriages don’t coast they are very intentional and make space to do the work to build on the best foundations.

Some of those who have recently gone through the course have said:

“Re|engage has changed me by my ability to extend grace more often and my willingness to own my faults.”

“Re|engage has made me more self-aware, not just with my spouse but also our kids.”

“Re|engage has provided us with a framework for conversations to hash through tough moments. Now we have a starting point where before we may not have this perspective.”

“Knowing we are not alone and that our story is not “exceptional” was one of my favorite.”

“We had silently been falling into some patterns in our life and marriage that were becoming tough to address or have perspective on. Re|engage gave a good framework to look at these and begin to address them in a healthy way.”

“This changed me by giving me the tools to become closer not only to my spouse but also to God.”

Find out if re|engage is for you on February 10th and 17th. After two weeks of introduction and Open Groups we will form closed groups for those who want to pursue strengthening or healing their marriages together. We think it is the right next step for any marriage.

Find more info and the registration link here:



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