Meet-Ups Host Kit








Your Meet-up is your event, but everyone here at Open Life wants to ensure that your Meet-up is as successful as it can be. Here is a timeline based upon the date of your Meet-up that can help you best plan and prepare and make sure that your Meet-up goes off without a hitch.  Check out the guide below and email if you have additional questions.


Fill out the Host a Meet-up form – Gather all the details for your event and fill out the form so that we can post your event on our Meet-up page with all the information that people who are interested will need to know.


Start Inviting People – Give people a call, use social media to point people to your Meet-up, or shoot them a text. Don’t forget to personally invite people to your Meet-up. If you’re part of a Group, invite them to host the Meet-up with you and to invite their friends along as well. Your Meet-up will also be publicly communicated on the Meet-ups webpage, the Open Life Church app, and in a Sunday announcement during the month leading up to your Meet-up.

Plan out Contingencies – Does your Meet-up rely on outside circumstances such as weather or minimum participation in order to be successful? If so, make an agenda for the day of and communicate any contingencies to those that have signed up for your Meet-up.

Check your Email – You’ll be notified by email when people sign up to be a part of your Meet-up.  It’s a great idea to personally welcome people who sign up by sending them a simple email. If your Meet-up has a maximum number of people that can’t be exceeded, be sure to notify, so that we can stop promoting the group publicly and avoid the situation of someone signing up who won’t be able to participate.

Digital Waivers – If your Meet-up involves any potential physical dangers, you will be given a link to the Open Life Meet-ups Digital Waiver. Some people who have signed up for your Meet-up may have already filled out this waiver in the past. This is a short and simple digital waiver, and people who haven’t filled out a waiver form will be notified that they need to fill it out before they participate in your Meet-up.


Check-in with those who have signed up – Send out a personal email and/or text to those who will be attending your Meet-up reminding them of all the important details they need to know to participate in your Meet-up. Think of things that apply to your Meet-up like meeting place, cost, how long the event will take, a link to the waiver form, and the agenda of the event.

Need to Cancel? – If the number of people who have signed up doesn’t reach the minimum needed, or if weather or plans change due to unforeseen circumstances, feel the freedom to cancel your Meet-up at any point. Just make sure you let those who have signed up know ahead of time, and email if you need to remove your Meet-up from the website/app listing.

Will your Meet-up be recurring?

Communicate Clearly to New Participants – Make sure you send the important details to new people that have signed up who might not know all the details everyone else knows.

Group Chats – Use a form of communication (facebook group, groupme, text group) that those in your Meet-up use and are familiar with to communicate about the next Meet-up. This leaves email and text dedicated to new sign-ups. Communicate that at your Meet-up and in your follow up email.


Arrive Early – Make sure you are the first one there so that you can welcome people and avoid any confusion.

Confirm Waivers –  If your Meet-up requires participants to fill out the waiver, confirm that everyone who is present has filled out a waiver. This protects everyone involved, especially those who may be present but didn’t sign up online.

Stay Safe – As a reminder, this is your Meet-up. Encourage everyone to have a ton of fun, but to do so in a responsible manner that does not put themselves or anyone else into harm’s way.

Listen for Stories – These aren’t just random people that have gotten together, they are your friends you invited or those you have a connection with through Open Life. Get to know each other and hear about the things going on in their lives.

Capture the Moments – Take pictures and/or video at your Meet-up and at the very least try and get a group picture of everyone who attended your Meet-up.

Decide if you want to do this again – During your Meet-up think about if you want to make it a recurring event, if it’s not already, and discuss and/or communicate any future Meet-up dates.


Gather Stories – Send any photos or videos you’d like to share to with a couple of sentences explaining how much fun you had. We’d love to share this with the rest of Open Life to encourage them to get involved in Meet-ups.

Follow Up Email Template (this is a start, so make sure you put it in your own words):


I wanted to reach out and thank you for being a part of (YOUR MEET-UP) this past (SATURDAY). I had a blast and hope you did as well. If you took any photos or video that you wouldn’t mind sharing with others at Open Life, please send those to with a sentence or two about your experience. This will help others at OL sign up and be a part of a future Meet-up.

I also wanted to see how your experience was, is there anything we should try in the future? I would love to hear your thoughts. Now that you’ve been a part of this Meet-up I’d want to invite you to communicate through (YOUR COMMUNICATION METHOD OF CHOICE), this will make it easier for you to be a part of the Meet-up in the future. The next time we’ll be meeting up will be on (THE DATE OF YOUR NEXT MEET-UP), be looking for communication on that as we approach that date.

Finally, if you had a great time at this Meet-up then you’d probably really enjoy being a part of a group at Open Life. I want to encourage you to check out all the groups that Open Life has to offer and see if you think something might fit for you and your family. You can find them all at:

Thanks so much,


Update your Meet-up Listing – Finally, If you need to edit your Meet-up’s description or picture for the future, send any updates to