New App Notification Groups

New App Notification Groups

There is a new feature on the Open Life Church App that we are very excited about, group notifications.Notifications

We love the app here at Open Life, and so do nearly 700 users across all platforms who have Open Life Church App in the past year.  Whether you’re following along with the notes during our weekly services or listening to talks and keeping up on the latest events, people are engaging with the app and utilizing many of its features each week.

So how will group notifications impact our users?  Currently 263 of our 681 users receive notifications on their devices from the app. When Open Life sends out these notifications we try to be courteous and only do this when there is important news to share, unlike when our CNN app clutters our home screens with notifications about the latest news (How many times do you have to hear that Donald Trump has “Yuge” plans for America?).  One layer of this courtesy is that if a piece of information only pertains to a select campus or group within the church we tend to not send out a notification.  Now we are able to send out campus/group specific notifications with the new settings within the app.  As you can see, there are now group notifications that you can specifically select for your own device. Now, when we have an urgent need for Bonney Lake we can send that note to a targeted Bonney Lake audience, or in Sumner you can get a notification about a downtown event Open Life is serving at. This isn’t just for campuses either, we can send out Student Life notifications about a movie night or even an urgent need for a foster family.  Notifications work best when the information actually pertains to areas you are interested in and now you can choose which one’s you want to receive.

Check out this video to see the step-by-step process:


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