New Strategic Partner Avery Hopkins

New Strategic Partner Avery Hopkins

We would like to introduce you to Avery Hopkins.

Sunday, October 25th we introduced you to Avery Hopkins in the middle of our talk explaining how she was called to be a missionary.  She thought that was all we were interviewing her about to illustrate the point from Romans 10 that God calls people to use their hands and feet to bring good news to people.  But, we had ulterior motives to inform her live on camera that we were going to pick up the final $100 monthly support she needed to raise in support in order to process her Visa and head to Sumba, Indonesia.

Here is the video: 

What a fun time that was, and we cannot wait to share stories from her impact there in Sumba, Indonesia in the coming months.

Two things made this moment possible.

We chose to have global partners in sharing Jesus with others.

Jesus challenges us to take the gospel “to the ends of the earth”.  It’s hard enough to do this in our neighborhoods, but we need to support and encourage those who are called to share Jesus with the most remote


Two local men carrying out island traditions and observed by the annual festival attendees.

places of our planet.  We have had a passion to help people experience Jesus that would potentially never enter a church for years now.  We determined to set aside 10% of every undesignated dollar given to Open Life from our beginning in 2010.  This was for the sole purpose of supporting efforts to share the gospel here through acts of generosity where needs exist as well as supporting efforts globally to do the same.  In keeping with our heart here for reaching the hardest to reach, we love to support works in Indonesia because it is the home of the most unreached people groups in the globe, literally the ends of the earth. So it was a no brainer to say yes to Avery and her assignment to Sumba one of the most remote and unreached islands in the world.

Your consistent giving makes this possible.

When you give monthly to Open Life and as you grow in your giving, it allows our church to have more and more to support efforts like Avery Hopkins around the world.  The monthly giving at Open Life has continued to rise year after year which leads our team to look intently at how we can invest the money we set aside to support our strategic partners.  We don’t set this aside to save, we set it aside to invest into the gospel being shared to the ends of the earth.  When you give consistently, faithfully 10% of your income it allows us to give 10% back to the gospel being spread globally.


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