Now That’s The Power of Presence & Generosity

Now That’s The Power of Presence & Generosity

1 million dollars to Hurricane Relief

Did you see the power of presence mixed with the culture of generosity take place this week? Hurricane Harvey has devastated so many people and the efforts have been nothing short of heroic in saving everything and everyone possible. One of the viral moments that was caught on camera was that of a gospel singer breaking out in song within a shelter. It was like the shelter was being encouraged by heaven as Victoria White and members of the Houston Gospel Choir began to sing to their fellow evacuees.

She was Present with her Community!

What makes this so powerful is a member of the community used what she had in her hands to bring encouragement and the love of Jesus to those who were hurting. She surely had no idea how viral this would become. She has been singing the gospel since on television networks galore.

And then last night happened.

She was invited with the choir to sing as a part of the reveal of a 1 million dollar donation for Jimmy Falon on the Tonight Show. He was encouraged so much by her spirit that he brought out the whole choir. They were able to encourage the heroism of our nation and the reality that we all need each other as they sang “Lean on Me”.

The amazing thing.

Victoria and her church probably would have never imagined they would be a part of a 1 million dollar donation to hurricane relief. But by being a present member of her community she has become an inspiration to our nation of the power of presence. Her church has been able to share the gospel to the nation because of one act of presence.  That is the church because the church is people on the mission serving their community so they can experience Jesus. Wow


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