OL Student Life Moving Nights

OL Student Life Moving Nights

OL Student Life and Wednesdays

Big deal to us! Student Life Group is moving to Wednesday nights? We just had to write about it because we are excited…

The past four months of Student Life has been amazing! Bringing nine students to camp, consistently seeing new faces, even peaking at 25 students! This is all before the beginning of the school year. We believe the 2015-2016 school year is going to be truly special.

As we enter the school year this September, we are going to try something different that will balance out the week for our students. We will be launching Wednesday night groups, it’s a midweek experience. With this move, We are anticipating Jesus to do some truly spectacular things!

One of the dreams since launching has been to incorporate a worship experience for students periodically. Wednesday nights would create an opportunity for that separated from the Sunday experience that they are already enjoying and helping lead. Not only for students to experience Jesus in a worship setting, but also to equip additional students who are gifted musically to lead. What an opportunity!

Wednesday also allows a ton of flexibility for when we experience growth. The whole mission behind Student Life is for students to lead students into a growing relationship with Jesus. We need to be ready for whatever growth may come, so the switch is the first step of many things to come which will facilitate space and growth for the future!

Finally, giving students something to look forward to in the middle of their week will give them that pick me up needed to push through the rest of the week on mission with what Jesus is desiring to do through them as they impact their campuses.

The move is happening, and we are expecting Jesus to do some exciting things!

Keep your eye on the Student Life Page for locations and details.


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