One Service

One Service

ONE service, ONE location, ONE time

SATURDAY 1/16/16, 5pm at Sumner Middle SchoolLoveDoes

You figured us out didn’t you?  Now you know that we interpret a 10am playoff game for the Hawks as the most important opportunity for people to love people and it’s centered around others, food and a large screen tv.  One Open Lifer shared on Facebook, “Open Life might be the only church for true 12’s in South Sound! No services again next Sunday”.  Open Life makes plans so that we can continue to grow in our relationship with Jesus as well as connect with the culture we are trying to impact with the love of Jesus.

Open Life has valued this flexibility for 6 years and we are going to try something brand new this weekend to fulfill our desires, a Saturday Night Service.  We checked with both our Bonney Lake and Sumner campuses to see which one would work at the 5pm time frame on a Saturday and the Sumner Middle School location is open.  So, we have locked it in and are ready to go.  We are rescheduling volunteers as we speak for kids spaces, worship, set-up and tear-down, and all that goes into making the service happen.  We are excited to bring both campuses together for this next talk in our Love Does series entitled “Love Your Neighbor”.

If you have friends who have felt like a project, ignored or unloved by the church, this will be a huge opportunity to bring them to this talk.  If you know some that are just looking for a great Saturday service to go to so they can watch the game on Sunday guilt free, Open Life will work too. 70 minutes packed with the desire of Jesus to have us love well is awaiting!

We will see you Saturday Night at 5pm…get ready to be reminded often this week to help everyone catch the time and vision!

GO HAWKS (Looking for a place to watch the game? We have a couple viewing locations, join us HERE)

Sumner Middle School


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