Open Life 101

Open Life 101

You should join us for the next Open Life 101

If you are new within the past 4 months at Open Life Church and have not yet experienced an Open Life 101 your next opportunity is October 9th from 3:01pm to 5:30pm.  If you have every looked at that check box on your Connect Card on a Sunday and wondered what “on mission” meant, this will be a time where we unpack that for you.  At Open Life 101 we walk through the vision of the church, why we do what we do and how you can be on mission with that vision.  Open Life 101

To put Open Life 101 in other words I would say it is where you can determine if you have really found that church home or church family that you have thought just might be possible right within your own community.

How do I become a member?

At many churches they would call this a membership meeting or have you sit through 8 classes to explain how they believe things, but we feel the better method is to invite you to just over 2 hours of hearing our heart, and having us explain things like why we are so wired towards serving our community so you can truly decide if you want to go all in with this crazy bunch of Jesus followers.

We will share this at Open Life 101, but membership at this church is not based on a bunch of men in a back room shuffling through photos of people who attend and deciding if they are holy enough to be accepted into our club.  To us membership is based on people being active in their faith, and we simply explain the practices that anyone we would consider a member would do.  If you are doing those things…you are a member.  Pretty simple right…so simple that you can read them on the roll up banner every week when you enter Open Life Bonney Lake or Open Life Sumner.

Keeping 101 simple.

We want to keep it simple and understandable not just so you can know if you are a member, but so that you can grow in your relationship with Jesus beyond comprehending the mission of this church in Bonney Lake or church in Sumner.  We believe this simplicity will allow you to move beyond your saying yes to this church family at Open Life 101 to moving along our growth strategy to Open Life 201 which will allow you to personally unpack how to grow in the three key practices of the church in your life.

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