Open Life interview with Virologist

Open Life interview with Virologist

Open Life Interviews a Virologist about COVID-19

We had the opportunity to speak with Dr. Tracie Delgado yesterday about what we’re all facing with COVID-19. Dr. Tracie Delgado is a Professor of Biology at Seattle Pacific University. Her area of expertise is on viruses and how they interact with cancer. She has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to virology and she’s also a follower of Jesus.

Topics discussed in the video:

1. How Serious is COVID-19?
2. What precautions can we take as we try to serve people in our community?
3. What does the future look like with COVID-19?
4. How can we let Jesus lead us through this pandemic?
5. Practical tips we all can take during this time?
It’s vitally important to understand the facts related to this pandemic and to take wise action as we work together to make it through this. We hope you take this as a resource to supplement your knowledge about COVID-19, and to grow in your faith as we trust in Jesus during this time.

For more great practical info, check out Dr. Tracie’s Professor page:

Here’s a youtube link if you want to listen at a faster rate:


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