Open Life Sumner and Bonney Lake to join as one.

Open Life Sumner and Bonney Lake to join as one.

Open Life Sumner & Bonney Lake join together as Open Life

Open Life Sumner and Bonney Lake are joining together as Open Life meeting at Bonney Lake High School starting February 4th.

Yesterday at Open Life we announced that beginning February 4th, Open Life Church will no longer have services at Sumner Middle School, with the final service being held next Sunday, January 28th. In two weeks Open Life Church will have one service at Bonney Lake High School, at 10 AM, and will continue on each Sunday moving forward.

Why close a campus?

In response to financial difficulties at the beginning of 2017, over the past year, Open Life has had to make significant sacrifices of facility space, payroll and margin to continue a service environment in Sumner. Current attendance, participation, and financial realities have made the ability to have a weekly service environment in Sumner much more difficult moving forward.  The choice to cancel services at Sumner Middle School is a difficult decision, but one that is proactive in dealing with the overall health of Open Life and it’s future.

Everyone at Open Life is grateful for the investment that Brent and Angela Osburn have put in the last 5 years with the start of Living Hope and then with the transition to becoming Open Life. Through their tireless work of being present in the community, Open Life has partnered with key organizations in Sumner to help start the Community Big Give in Sumner, continue the work of the backpack program, and providing key school supplies for Sumner Middle School.

Celebration of 5-years of community impact

We invite you to attend a celebration of everything that has taken place over the last 5 years by coming to Sumner Middle School, next Sunday (January 28th) at 10 AM. We will honor Brent and Angela, share our favorite stories and memories together, and look at next steps for Open Life.

The following week, on February 4th, Open Life will meet as one church at Bonney Lake High School. Changing locations of a church service can be difficult, but everyone at Open Life is ready to welcome and empower those involved in this change. One Open Life location is closing, but the mission to lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus continues on and we want to pursue that together with you.


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