Open Life Sumner coming 9.20.15

Open Life Sumner coming 9.20.15

Together we are better.

Living Hope Sumner is a church Open Life help begin in December 2012.  You can read the story on our story page HERE.  Over the course of the past two years this church has made a great impact in serving Sumner and the surrounding community in a way that has truly been doubling our efforts in our region.  Living Hope has carried purely the DNA of Open Life but with a different name that truly was in the spirit of pastor Brent Osburn before he ever approached Thad to become an apprentice for a year before it’s launch.

In the heart of not hijacking the vision we offered to launch Living Hope as Open Life in 2012, but whenever we offered this Brent really felt that they were to launch Living Hope instead.  They have since reached hundreds in Sumner with the gospel and given tens of thousands back into the community.

But one of the things we have discovered as we have continued to work together over the past two years is that the doors that have opened in the community are often on the name or reputation of Open Life.  Open Life has carved out a mark for being faithful and through serving has made such a deep impact in the community as a whole that it has opened many doors that other wise would be closed to the faith community as a whole.  Big Give is probably the most notable impact Open Life and Living Hope have made together with Brent leading Sumner and Thad leading Bonney Lake.

As 2015 approached Thad and Brent met to dialogue about some needs and future vision and keeping with tradition Thad offered that if there was anything that could be gained by Living Hope leaning in on Open Life we would be in it to win it.  Well, Brent sensed that this very well could be the very timing to make that move and over the past 6 months we have been planning and praying about how we could develop a united and collective approach at the church under one brand, but continuing with our DNA as we are both really the same.  After months of planning we are excited to roll out that collective approach at the church on 9.20.15.  We are going to uncomplicate the two different churches with the same DNA thing and become one church reaching two communities.  God loves unity and his blessing is all over this shift in strategy to bring hope to the community of Sumner.

Open Life Sumner will still be pastored by Brent and he will still be the lead communicator at this campus.  We will continue to serve the same community partners, but as a movement Open life will now be fully engaged in these two communities with Wilkeson next on our radar as it was already in process when Brent and Thad got all vision locked back in February.  We will be rolling out more information on what exactly this will impact, but you can get a ton of questions answered over on the Open Life Sumner page…watch the video and read the FAQ.

And from all of us at Open Life Bonney Lake…Sumner…welcome to the family.  You are one of us now…let’s connect, serve and share like Jesus modeled and help everyone experience Jesus everywhere we are present.


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