Open Life 101

Vision, Culture, Mission, Values, Membership…OPEN LIFE 101







Open Life 101


May 21st | 2pm to 4pm

Why do we do this thing called church? Why do we do things the way that we do? What exactly do we mean when we say “You Fill in the blank”? And how can you get involved in the mission of Open Life?

Open Life 101 is an event that’s two hours long. It’s casual, fun, comes with great snacks, and childcare is provided (please RSVP). This is our platform for helping you become active in the mission of Jesus through Open Life.   You can come to be informed or you can be fully engaged as a member of Open Life by the conclusion. Everyone who calls Open Life home should make sure they have been to Open Life 101.

We think you will be amazed at just why we do what we do and encouraged to know how we do it!

Sumner Family Church