Quick Links

Quick Links

Open Life launches a new website feature, quick links.

We value making things uncomplicated, but in an effort to serve guests who are on the website for the first time we have made it more complicated to give or find the next steps page. So we have been working on the best possible solution to have our website home page the perfect location for first-time guests to see that their clear call to action is to plan a visit, while at the same time having a simple quick link system on the right side of the screen for the most clicked locations for our members.

Meet the quick links icons. 

We will begin with three simple links. We will keep true to our goal of the home page being guest focussed and so the first icon will be encouraging a plan to visit Open Life. Then we will lead you to your most sought after links. Currently, the two will be next steps and giving. They will be on the right side of your screen and ready for you to hover over and make them expand into the screen for selecting the next time you want to see what is next for your growth or when you are ready to give.

We hope these new quick links are a blessing and value to you and your use of the website.


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