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Rescue Freedom

Help End Slavery

Open Life is announcing a new Strategic Partnership with Rescue Freedom.  Rescue Freedom Logo 10% of everything you give at Open Life goes back to what we call strategic generosity.  We help your dollars make the biggest impact in strategic areas of helping where it hurts, both locally and globally, and one of the areas of partnership is justice for the oppressed.  Rescue Freedom exists to empower the rescue and restoration of women and children suffering in sexual slavery. With partner sites in five countries, we have touched the lives of over 48,000 women and children.

How did Open Life decide to partner with Rescue Freedom?

Susan Chambers, member of Open Life Bonney Lake, expressed her passion for helping with the issue of sex trafficking at an Open Life 101. From there, Pastor Thad found some organizations in the region who are making a great difference in her area of passion and she fell in love with Rescue Freedom.  Watch the video below:

Their Model

Rescue Freedom believes that the best care for survivors is hyperlocal and led by those who have a long-term commitment to the community. Through their network of partners, Rescue Freedom supports programs that address the physical, emotional, spiritual, mental, and educational needs of rescued women and children.

How can you get involved?

Give anything in the month of July at Open Life and 10% of your giving will go to support our partnerships with organizations focussed on justice for the oppressed. But beyond that there are some specific ideas that can help you partner with Rescue Freedom:

  1. Follow Rescue Freedom on your preferred Social Media platform (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter).
  2. Sign up for Open Life’s interest group Rescue Freedom to find out what the church is doing to partner.  From joining the Open Life Table at the annual Freedom Dinner to hearing about how members of Open Life are raising funds to support this amazing organization.
  3. Create a campaign and use your personal passions to change the lives of people in slavery.

We can’t wait to hear your stories of how you are leading people to become freedom fighters with this new strategic partner.


  1. Renee Potter 3 years ago

    I watched the movie ‘Priceless’ which was a great movie on opening your eyes to the need of helping the women and children who are trapped in sexual slavery. Such a large scale issue affecting so many, sometimes we feel powerless to have an effect on bringing change to such a large scale issue. Rescue freedom is a great group that is giving individuals a chance to be of help by joining with others to make a difference.

    • openlife 3 years ago

      Our thoughts exactly. Thanks for sharing Renee! Excited you will be at the Dinner with us.

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