Sign Set Up


  • Two Connect Tables (Three when we have a special sign up like Groups).
  • Connect and Mission banners behind, Refresh to the right
  • Chairs touching so kids cannot run between and going all the way to pillar and then proceeding to wall.

  • We have adjusted the chairs to create an opening for those who come in through the back entrance.


  • Place tables so that when set-up the Kids Life Banner is visible between from Entry Hallway.
  • Speedy on right, with the printer on the outside (so families will check-in and go straight)
    • Make sure and plug in the barcode reader pointing to the right.
  • New Check-in on Left, with the printer on the left (so families will go left to kids after check-in)
  • Note the visibility of Preschool & Elementary Banners ahead (Nursery is just to the right out of frame)

  • On the back side of the Kids Check-in, we put the Open Life green banner to make the ugly look less, ugly!




  • Welcome banner as you enter the building on right.
  • Welcome banner on your left (which has a Thanks for coming behind it for those exiting).
  • Note that you can see the Kids Checkin straight ahead and Elementary, but when I took this you could not see the preschool or Nursery as desired (update to photo will be taken Sunday).


  • Elevator a-board on left pointing towards double metal door entry (not pictured is a magnetic Elevator sign on the metal doors)
  • Open Life banners are just framed and clamped to the handrails.

ENTRY Banners

  • Open Life banners are just framed and clamped to the handrails.
  • At the bottom is a Welcome Roll Up Banner only when it’s not raining. (we have moved this to the left and it is anchored with a garbage can which we will picture in future edit)


  • This sign is in a cardboard sleeve inside the MPC cabinet and helps direct people in this door to the elevator.


  • This is our attempt at guiding people hospitably to the elevator.
  • We roll out 6 tables from the hallway to the right to make this wall.
  • We place a light that illuminates the Welcome Banner on the floor behind the garbage cans.
  • And this single welcome banner

KIDS LIFE upstairs

  • At the top of the stairs are three tables with the 2nd Elementary banner guiding kids to the right into the space where they will have class.

KIDS LIFE downstairs

  • Elementary banner in corner of two of the line makers sending kids upstairs
  • Preschool positioned perfectly here so it is visible right when families enter the entry hallway


  • This banner goes just in front of the final wall base and points people to the Restrooms.


  • Two thanks for coming banners as people exit.


  • 7 segments to this wall located on right side of red squares.


  • 4 segments to this wall with first portion being PR7.