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Open Life is on many of the social media platforms people are using.  We created this page to help you follow us, and to help you with posting to your friends.  From an image you could share to the latest #hashtags you will find it here.








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Open Life Church
The Church is on all social platforms as @OpenLifeChurch

Student Life
The Students of Open Life use: @OLStudentLife


Big Give


Open Life Bonney Lake


Open Life Sumner


Open Life Wilkeson










A hashtag is simply the # symbol connected at the beginning of a word.  It allows us to post on any social platform and then find the posts by doing a search for the hashtag. This is great for events, a special emphasis, something that happens every year that we want to separate by the date in the tag.  Here are our current hashtags we dominate and some we share as well.



Future Events

Here are a couple of the hashtags you will be using in the future.