Speak Up For The Poor

Speak Up For The Poor

Help End Illegal Child Marriages

Last Sunday at Open Life, we took time at the end of our services to introduce everyone to Speak Up for the Poor. Speak Up is an organization that is working to end child marriages in Bangladesh. Their mission is to “create a new reality for girls in poverty.” Speak Up’s mission falls right in line with Open Life’s strategic emphasis on Justice for the Oppressed. 

Your Giving

Each time you give to Open Life, 10% of your gift goes directly to support strategic generosity. During the month of July, that 10% will go to strategic partners dedicated to work involving Justice for the Oppressed.

Watch: Speak Up For The Poor

Through a relationship with a family that is a part of Open Life, the Pastors and staff have been able to meet with Troy Anderson, the founder and director of Speak Up For The Poor. On multiple occasions we’ve heard about the struggle girls in Bangladesh are facing. We’ve been inspired by what Speak Up is doing to create a new reality. If you weren’t at Open Life on Sunday please take the opportunity to watch the following video:

The need for Speak Up for the Poor and other likeminded organizations across our world is evident. Open Life has the opportunity to partner with Speak Up because a family said, “What Speak Up for the Poor is doing, seems like something Open Life would want to be a part of.” That is an amazing story in and of itself. The work of Speak Up for the Poor is exactly what we mean when we say, “Justice for the Oppressed.” We are thrilled for our new partnership and excited that it started organically within Open Life.

Coming Up This Sunday

This Sunday, Open Life will be introducing a separate organization brought to our attention in similar circumstances as Speak Up. Join us at either campus this Sunday to hear the story. Don’t miss your opportunity to find out more about our strategic emphasis on Justice for the Oppressed.

Find more info about Speak Up For The Poor by visiting

Speak Up For The Poor


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