Spring Discipleship Course Launches in April

Spring Discipleship Course Launches in April

Emotionally Healthy Discipleship (Pilot)

This Spring we will be piloting a new discipleship course. Emotionally Healthy Discipleship is going to take the place of our Spring Growth Groups so that the whole church can find a time to participate in person or online. Groups will be starting the week of April 18th – 24th. We’ll be discovering together how healthy rhythms, emotional health, and a slowed-down spirituality will bring us to new life in Jesus.



Leading the way for the future of Open Life Church!
Join us for the pilot group of Emotionally Healthy Discipleship as we set the stage for growing together in our relationships with Jesus. We’ll be discovering together how healthy rhythms, emotional health, and a slowed-down spirituality will bring us to new life in Jesus.What is The Emotionally Healthy Discipleship (EHD) Course?
The EHD Course is meant to equip you in a discipleship strategy that will deeply change your life. These changes will affect the way we worship, to how we preach, and how we participate in small groups. Everything we do will be informed by EHD. It’s a central part of how we will live as a community. We expect everyone at Open Life to take this course as part of their spiritual formation in the coming years.

What you can expect from an EHD course:

  1. A well-prepared Point Person who is a teacher, modeling and leading a high-quality experience for you.
  2. A well-trained Table Leader who will lead a group of 7-9 people. This person will serve as a welcoming, safe presence to guide you through specific parts of the workbook and sharing time.
  3. We will begin and end each of the 8 sessions on time, with each session lasting no more than 90 minutes.
What’s expected of you:
  1. Preparation: This courserequires reading one chapter a week in Emotionally Healthy Spirituality and using the Day by Day devotional several times a week.
  2. Attendance: Review all the dates. It is important that you miss no more than one session. If you know you will miss more than one session, wait until the next time the course is offered.
  3. Openness To learning and growing: Discipleship is an ongoing process of deeper personal change, healing and spiritual maturity as measured by our growth in love.
Once you’re ready to join, here are your Next Steps:
  1. Register on this page.
  2. Review the materials once you receive them.
  3. Clear your schedule for 8 weeks.
  4. Take the personal assessment that is sent to you in your registration email.
Do I need to pay for the materials?
Registration for the course is free. Each participant will receive the Emotionally Healthy Spirituality Book, Workbook, and Day by Day devotional once they register (currently a total value of $30 for all three). If you would like to help pay for the materials there is an “add-on” option to do so when you register. This will help offset the cost of providing this course for everyone at Open Life in the future.


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