2017 Spring Staff & Spouse Advance






Staff and Spouse Advance





Friday, March 31st

3:00 pm – Can check into Hotel if you desire. Hilton Garden Inn (1800 NW Gilman Blvd, Issaquah, Washington, 98027)
6:00 pm – Dinner @ Chans Place (4592 Klahanie Dr. SE, Issaquah, WA 98029)
7:30 pm – Session #1 – DREAMS: What is working, what dreams are awakening, and what needs to be rekindled?
9:30 pm – Head to Hotel. FUN Hangout/Dessert/Games/Memories

Saturday, April 1st

8:00 am – Breakfast at hotel prior to heading to Eastridge for Session #2
9:15 am – Session #2 – Prayer & Worship over 2017
9:45 am – Session #3 – Leadership Development
11:00 am – Break – staff photos (individual & couple shots)
11:15 am – Session #4 – Calendaring (bring your ideas)
Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Easter, Teachers, Big Days, Etc.
12:00 am -Break for Lunch (onsite)
12:45 am -Session #5 – Tough Questions
1:30 pm – Session #6 – TBD
2:00 pm – Session #7 – Actionable Items Review (from planning and time together)
2:30 pm – Close in Prayer/head to Luzia
3:15 pm Luzia
6:30 pm Dinner @ ______________

Things to know:

Staff & Spouse:

  • While a couple of you are single, those with spouses often dream together and plan together.  Getting away on a Staff & Spouse advance is a blessing to both you as a couple and your marriage, but to our church as well because we can invest 24 hours of our undivided devotion to bettering our efforts to lead people to Jesus through Open Life.
  • We value the effort it will take to farm out your kids/pets for the night and carve out the time for us to get away as a team.


  • We will be doing our planning at Estridge Church in Issaquah, WA and Staying at the Hilton Garden Inn in the same City. See hyperlinks in the schedule above for quick directions.

We will be bringing:

  • Snacks
  • Games
  • Keurig

What you should bring:

  • any specific drinks or snacks you desire beyond what we provide.
  • your mind, focus and fun

What to prepare:

  1. Commute Time:
    • Please value our time together and make sure you are there on time and can stay throughout the two days. Your punctuality expresses value to each of us on the team and is much appreciated.
  2. Ideas:
    • What ideas do you have that would help fulfill the mission of Open Life?  Don’t limit your thoughts to your department…think big. What is our next big thing and what will we be known for when we celebrate our 10 year anniversary in 3 years?
  3. Calendar:
    • It would do you well to look through your calendar and make sure all those important things are on there so we can plan out 2016 without finding out later you are not in town on that date.  What is the best season for your event and how can we help it be great?
  4. Offline:
    • We should have internet while there, but just in case something is off, you might want to make sure your docs are all accessible offline.  (Yes I am bringing paper and pens and a post-it board and easel just in case).