Student Life Summer Camp | June 22-26

Sunday is the early registration deadline for the Student Life Summer Camp.  I asked Jon to share a thought or two about the upcoming camp with you that might help make your decision to go or support clearer.  Here are his thoughts followed up by some calls to action for all of us:

“On June 22nd, several students, volunteers and myself will be making the trip over to Silver Lake Camp for summer camp 2015! This will be the first year leading the students of Open Life to this camp, but is something I’ve made an important part of my year since 2009.

God does amazing stuff during camp, and I cannot wait to share stories of what happens this year in the lives of students who make it a priority to experience Jesus together at this camp. More importantly, I cannot wait for the students to share what they will experience!

Too many times in our lives, we try to put the Holy Spirit in a box. Well, this is the week where students and staff see what happens when we are willing to let the Holy Spirit work within us and shatter the box mindset. Maybe it’s the constant fun we have, the beautiful lake we are at or the prayers of churches like Open Life for the students going to camp. Something amazing happens in the lives of every student who makes a way to be present every year and this is going to be a game changer for Open Life students for sure.

Summer Camp 2015, here we go!”

I want to ask you Open Life to partner in three ways with our Student Ministries.

  1. PRAY that God will deeply imprint the lives of those who can make it this year to this camp.
  2. REGISTER your student to go. I know it’s intimidating sometimes to have your student go away for a week to a camp with middle school and high school students together, but for this time in your parenting be an early adopter. Take a risk and sign your students up so they will have one of those watermark experiences that just might impact the course of their life. (we are sending our two 12 year old daughters…so we are practicing what we preach here for sure!)
  3. FUND the students. Sure enough we will have students who want to go that will not have the means to do so. It’s never easy asking, but let us offer to help due to your financial blessing. Although $250 is one of the most affordable camps around this summer it is still beyond the means of some. So give what you can to help students make it to the camp this summer.

Pray, register and give today. This Sunday, May 31 is the early registration deadline. After this the cost of the camp jumps up $20 per student and it becomes more difficult for us to plan transportation and logistics for the camp. So help us say yes to each student who desires to go and pave a smooth path to a life impacting encounter with Jesus.

Click the button link below to find the camp page with all the needed details to pray over, register or provide scholarship funding.

Thanks in advance!

Thad & Jon

Take Action Here

Take Action Here





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