Student Life

Student Life

Man, This has been a wild ride!

I am so excited to launch this thing called Student Life groups! Building from the ground up, many ideas, challenges, requests and opportunities have come and gone. Something that isn’t “normal” is a youth group that centralizes in meeting at homes of families. That’s probably something I would have never have imagined entering into ministry is to have a main “service” meet in homes, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. In order to be a radical and impactful church, we have to act on faith and be obedient to the Holy Spirit, and that’s exactly what Student Life is about. Putting the idea about home groups really stretched my faith, because I didn’t know how people would react to the hairy new guy pitching the idea about Student Life meeting in homes. WOW! God is faithful. Doors opened. Relationship built. and I’m glad to say we are ready to launch May 11th!!

Not only am I excited about the HOW aspect of Student Life groups, I’m even more excited about the WHY.

Why home groups? Well, why not? For years, I have been investing in students in Kent, and the biggest reason they stick around and serve is relationship. Well, the Holy Spirit is the REAL reason, but if you’re building relationship with Christ along with building relationship with someone you’re discipling, you see results. Relationship is key, and what better way to build relationship is a group that meets in a home. The goal behind this is to lead students into a relationship with Jesus, then equipping that student to lead other students, so the other students could lead other students…. you get the picture.

The prayer right now is for myself, current leaders, and future leaders to be ready to invest. Be ready to invest in time, resources, lives of students, and most importantly, Jesus. That’s how I feel Jesus intended intended discipleship to look like, and that’s what Student Life will look like.

By being faithful and obedient to Jesus and His mission, Student Life will be ready for what’s to come!


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  1. openlife 6 years ago

    We are amazingly blessed to have you Jon! Can’t wait to see what Jesus does with these groups!

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