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Student Life is the ministry of 6th through 12th grade students at Open Life.  We are united around the mission of students leading students into a growing relationship with Jesus.  We are uniquely positioned in a region with 8 unique school districts within a 10 mile radius and wide open opportunities to impact students in Middle School and High School.

We do this through weekly groups, monthly events and outreach opportunities.







Weekly Group


Every month we rotate homes which allows for new activities and exciting opportunities for all the host families as well as the students who love our time together.  Join us from 6:30pm-8pm every Wednesday.


Student Life Christmas Party

We are so excited that the Student Life Christmas Party is right around the corner! This event will be an opportunity to highlight generosity, have fun, and make Jesus known. Here is all you need to know about the celebration.

Ugly Sweater Contest
Ladies and gentlemen, go into your grandparent’s closet and find their sweaters, because it’s about to get UGLY. The ugliest sweater of the evening will be voted upon and rewarded with an amount of candy no student ever needs, but always asks for.

White Elephant Gift Exchange
Besides Jesus, giving is one of the more important parts of this Christmas season. The White Elephant gift exchange is simple. Simply go into your closet and grab something that’s collecting dust, but someone else might find useful. Wrap it. Bring it. And get ready for some fun. If you don’t have anything that you’d find to be fun for an exchange, go ahead and purchase something. We do want to keep the cost down around $5 for the sake of just having fun.

Something I love (a little too much obviously) is dessert! I know we have some talented students and parents out there that can bake well. I’d like to invite you to make something wonderful to bring in!

Another thing. The student who brings in the most new friends will receive a $25 gift card of their choice!


Serve Events

At Student Life, we want to be present in the community, and we will be doing just that. Click on the link below and check out what’s coming up!







Connection Card

Connection Card

Click here to complete the digital Student Life Connection Card

Parent Event Release Form

Parent Event Release Form

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Passionate about investing into the lives of youth? Student Life has opportunities from interacting directly with students 6th to 12th grade and behind the scenes roles. No matter what gifts or abilities you have, use them to impact the next generation.



Student Life