Student Life Serve Events

Student Life Serve Events

Jesus expressed love through serving others.  We serve Jesus by doing the same.










OLSL Serve Opportunities


Community Big Give

Saturday, November 23rd


Big Give began in 2010 as an act of generosity from Open Life to Liberty Ridge Elementary School families with 150 meals. The Bonney Lake Food Bank saw the potential of bringing all of the food provision events together as one, so in 2011 the Big Give took on a community-wide target. In 2012 the Food Bank was unable to provide meals during the Thanksgiving Season and invited Open Life to take the lead in coordinating a meal provision moment that took on a community collaborative feel with the new partnership of Walmart and dozens of sponsors, as well as the support of the counseling departments in the Sumner School District on the Plateau. In 2013 the event spread to Sumner for their first Big Give and now we continue with two locations distributing 1,400 vouchers resulting in over 750 meals distributed feeding more than 4,000 people annually.

Click the link below to volunteer, donate or sponsor the 2019 Community Big Give.

Community Big Give Website HERE

Students Serving Kids

Kids Life Team

Passionate about investing into the lives of kids? Kids Life has opportunities from interacting directly with kids and behind the scenes roles. No matter what gifts or abilities you have, use them to impact the next generation.


Students Using Talents

Worship Team

Do you play an instrument or sing? We have a variety of roles open at all times, all you have to do is express your talent so we can work you into shadowing a rehearsal and discover your skill level.



Students Serving Those In Need


Every year we partner with the local school districts, businesses and churches to provide full Thanksgiving meals for the families in our communities that have needs. What began with 150 meals has exploded into multiple communities, hundreds of volunteers and the feeding of nearly 4,000 people annually.