Student Life Winter Camp Details

2018 Student Winter Camp

February 9-11th | Black Diamond Camps – Rainier 

We are so pumped for our first winter camp!

Winter Camp Location

February 9-11th | Black Diamond Camps – Rainier 

Here are all the details


We will be making the trip down 410 on Friday, February 9th. We will be meeting at Target in Bonney Lake and departing at 4pm, so be there around 3:40 so we can get situated.


We will be leaving the camp around 11am on Sunday, February 11th. We will be calling and notifying all parents as soon as we regain cell phone service. We will again be meeting at Target.



In case you are wondering, your leaders for camp will be Open Life’s very own Jon Parker and Jessica Bastrom.

What to Expect

Each student will have the opportunity to have fun and grow in Jesus. In order to make this event run smooth and be successful, it is necessary for students to be responsive and respectful to all staff both from our church and the others present at the camp.

What to Bring

  • Bible (remember you won’t have your digital bible)
  • Great attitude
  • Enough clothes to last a weekend
  • Sleeping bag/Pillow
  • Snow clothes (boots, snow pants, snow jacket, gloves, beanie, etc.)
  • Toiletries (shampoo, soap, DEODORANT, etc.)
  • Bike helmet (required for sledding)

*Please do not overpack! Luggage space is very limited*

What to Leave at Home

  • Cell phones. We want an environment free from distraction, and if your child loses/breaks their device, it’ll ruin their week.
  • Electronics (iPods, iPads, Galaxy Tablets, etc.) Digital cameras are ok (who still uses these?)!
  • Bad attitudes
  • Drugs/Alcohol (Tobacco product, e-cigs, liquor, etc.)
  • Weapons (pocket knives, firearms, throwing stars, AR-15, etc.)
  • Immodest clothing. Nothing that’ll get you in trouble at school.

Frequently Asked Questions

My child takes medication. Who handles it for the week?

There will be a camp nurse! Medication will be turned in at the beginning of camp and returned at the conclusion of camp. The medication will be given to the students as prescribed on the bottle.

What if I need to contact my child?

It’s prefered that a child be contacted only in the case of an emergency, but Jon Parker’s info will be made available. Each staff will have a phone as well.

Is there a price break if my child has a food allergy and has to bring their own food?

Yes! There is a price break if you have to bring your own food due to an allergy. At registration checkout, there is a discount code for you. Ask Jon for that special code!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Jon Parker!

Contact Info

Jon Parker
OpenLife.Church | Youth Pastor
cell: 253-326-1970